Muscle & Bone

by Muscle and Bone

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Cheyenne Young
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Cheyenne Young yo i know the drummer and i live super close to them BUT THEY ALWAYS PLAY IN A 18+ PLACE, ASSHOLES. anyway they're super and this is just great fucking emo. download it. when your sad, play it loud, when you're happy, get sad and play it loud. Favorite track: When I Loved You.
Nick Comer
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Nick Comer In a world without Snowing we need more bands as good as this Favorite track: To Fix the Past, You Must Destroy the Future.
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released July 30, 2012

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Andy Bishop at Giraffe Studios in Hendersonville, NC.
All songs written and recorded by Robert Travis, Ryan Hoots and Adam Gross.



all rights reserved


Muscle and Bone Asheville, North Carolina

Sad dudes playing emo survival from Asheville, NC

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Track Name: No Return
Standing so close to me that I couldn’t say where I’d rather be. Summer’s folding endlessly and when winter comes you’ll dig my grave. Return to me and I’ll return to you. I came home after 4 like a wolf with blood in my mouth. You can’t count the ways that I would fall out of your grace. My eyes are growing tired of these films. They flicker in the light of your guilt. I’ve got plans to resurrect the dead but they’re not coming back. So we stay in place, measuring the pain we feel.
Track Name: Lamp Posts
Your bed is softer than mine. You think I could stay the night? I can imagine what they say about me while I’m away. “The glass, the space between your head and the past.” The days don’t leave me with anything but half functioning pieces and lungs filled with glass and stone. I’ve got friends that will drag me, skin and bones, back to the place that I call home. But I’d take your bed over anybody else’s bed. I guess that you cast the first stone. I caught it in my teeth and hung my heart from your lamp post. I’d take your lips over anybody else’s lips. Because I wasted all my young breath standing in the doorway singing, “I’ve found no peace in my heart along the way. I have no place in my heart for you to stay.”
Track Name: Bones & Muscles
We reigned over a kingdom of nothing. They’ll drag our bones up from the Earth and mold them into monuments made of stone. They won’t burn or fade away, like I did. We walked so straight to be so far from home.
Track Name: To Fix the Past, You Must Destroy the Future
I cursed the breath that made me feel like I was young. My lungs are spent from coughing up the cold. I get distracted by them. There is a weight dead between my shoulder blades, and I am giving way. I will let you down. I feel like now that I’m older I can wash my hands of the ashes. Bury my faith and sing the refrain: I’m not hoping for better days. Better days won’t come.
Track Name: When I Loved You
When you sing, you sing with the voice I left you with when I loved you. When I sing, I sing with the voice you left me with when you loved me. So let love’s waves wash me out in the streets, and may the dogs make a meal out of me. I hope that you’re listening when the dam breaks and all is lost. I can’t take the sound that it makes. Be proud of the way you stand there with my things. Cling to those with the saddest strings, and never find your solace in me. I’ve got medicine to keep me fed.
Track Name: The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
The muscle and bone , they encase my heart but never touch my soul. I'll save that for the water and its shore, fear makes friends with joy. And I'll march slowly and I'll never forget, how the music stopped or the feel of your breath.The flesh and the blood, they keep my body warm but still my mind is cold. To know what's fair is not always fair, but what proves real will never flee. And I'll march slowly and I'll never forget, how that black dress fell upon your white neck. Grand Isle rests quiet this time of year and I know you will be leaving soon my dear